Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tony the tiger!


Putting a picture from file onto my blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fittness At a Young Age

If children learn thigns at a young age, it is likley that they will keep doing that certain thing. I believe that it is important to keep fittness in elemnetary schools. Some people do not think fittness is as important as a subject but it is. Students needs to learn at a young age to stay healthy and eat right. So gym class in elementary schools needs to play a bigger role in the students learning. - Create custom images

No Child Left Behind

Children all learn at different paces, and if you are a good teacher, you will learn how to go about teaching all different types of kids. You might have to take time out to reteach somethign individually to a certain student, and talk in words that they will understand. I think you need to be very patient with each student, and treat like individuals. - Create custom images

Keeping Your Students Interested

Many students do not like sitting in class and just take notes. In order to keep a students attention, you need to keep them interested with what you are teaching. The best thing to do is try to relate something to their everyday lives. - Create custom images

Rewarding Your Students

I believe that it is very imporant to reward your students on the good things that they do in class. Children will tend to do good things again and more often if they know they will get rewarded for it, or will get a treat. However, we need to learn not to always give students good rewards because sooner or later they will just do something good because they know that they will get something out of it. - Create custom images