Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fittness At a Young Age

If children learn thigns at a young age, it is likley that they will keep doing that certain thing. I believe that it is important to keep fittness in elemnetary schools. Some people do not think fittness is as important as a subject but it is. Students needs to learn at a young age to stay healthy and eat right. So gym class in elementary schools needs to play a bigger role in the students learning.

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Katie said...

I agree that gym class needs to stay in elementary schools. Students need to understand that fitness is really important and they need to learn that right from the start. They need to learn that fitness can be fun which will in turn make them want to become more fit (but not to an extreme).

Sharon said...

Yes, gym classes need to stay in elementary schools. Not only do the students need to learn about fitness, they also need to have time to move and release some energy during the day.